Koli National Park – A Finnish National Landscape

Koli Nationalpark is one of the special places in Finland. It is said to be one of the countries National Landscapes and the views from the mountain chain over the Lake Pielinen are those most often used to show the beauty of Finnish lakeland. Here you are high above the surrounding land and water. The views made many artists and writers to come for inspiration and once you stand here on top of the mountain you will have no doubt that it is the right place for it.

The hike I did here was more or less following the chain of rocky hills. As many more tourists come here and the park is not as remote as others the trail is much easier and well prepared with stairs at the steeper parts. The trail head is located close to a hotel on top of the mountain.


From there it is not far to the first impressive views. It is amazing how far you can see. If weater is fine, it is a pleasure to stop, sit down and soak in the atmosphere..


As said it is a quite easy hike. Nevertheless it goes up and down. And the rocky nature of the area is impressive.


At some point you will pass this openair church. I am sure that participating in a church service here so close to paradise must be a touching experience.


As I stated in another blog post, the cold past of the iceage has left a lot of traces in the nature of Finland. If you look carefully on the following picture you see the scratches on the rock which were done by other rocks and stones pushed along the surface by glaciers.


Paha-Koli and Akka-Koli are mountain tops along the chain.


Views are great!


The trail leads along the rocks using them as pavement.


Now a place that tourists come, in the past a place where people try to make a living by farming. I am sure it was a tough life as winter here in the north are very harsh and nature sometimes has no mercy.




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