Hiking Pyhä-Häkki Nationalpark

Many of the Finnish Nationalparks feature special flora, fauna or geological features. My hike on a small circular trail in Pyhä-Häkki Nationalpark brought me into a beautiful old-growth forest. Here in the area covered by the Nationalpark the impact of men on the forest is very small, so that people nowadays can admire trees standing here for centuries. Only in some parts trees were cut here as masts for sailing ships as the trees are very straight and therefor ideal for that purpose. One areas name, Mastomäki, still refers to that periode when these trees were cut.

Old trees means that there are plenty of opportunities for woodpeckers to make their housing and to find their food beneath the barch of the trees. No surprise to find one on the symbol of Pyhä-Häkki Nationalpark.


As stated, my hike was not the big round (good to know there is some option for another visit), but the small one that I marked on the photo of the map, which hangs in the information center of the park. The trailhead is located at the parking symbol, which I colored in the same color as the trail.


As in all Nationalparks and hiking areas also here there is a very well maintained infrastructure for the guests. You will find these information boards where you can learn about the park and its features…


… or have a picnic. In my case it was the breakfast. I slept in my car to be here early and to avoid to put the tent into the rain. As I did it several times, I know it is not the most comfy way of sleeping, but it is fully sufficient not to mess my mood the next day 🙂


So with a good mood and a breakfast in my stomach I started hiking my round.


A sign at the dead tree states that once the spruce trees die, their liquid can move down to the lower parts and more or less petrify the trunk. This way it can remain standing for a long time.


As you see the trees here are really long and straight. This is the area call Mastomäki.


If you have maybe wondered what the star meant on the snippet of the map, it is a sight in the park. In this particular case it is the tree on the photo.


This tree is now called Uusi Iso Puu, the new large tree. While the old large tree died, the new large tree is still alive with an amazing age as it was born in 1641!


After admiring the tree and maybe a hug 😉 we continue our hike. As you see the trails are well marked and the ground easy to walk on.


In old growth forests you find many trees in decay. Nature gets back what the tree took from it. The circle of life.


Surprisingly, as it is hard to see on the map, we also pass a mire landscape. Mires are wetland areas in which plants die and can not decompost in the wet. The mire grows layer by layer.


Taking shortcuts is a stupid idea, not only because it destroys the nature, but also because the ground is like a lake.



You should take some time while hiking for a rest and detailed view on these very beautiful plants.



After the mire we follow into the forest again back towards the parking. I found this mushroom with that beautiful brown shades. Thought I share it with you.


If you want to see more of this beautiful park, than I recommend as usual the excellent pages of outdoors.fi -> click here for a new window….



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