Enjoying Leivonmäki National Park

One day during my trip after visiting Pyhä-Häkki Nationalpark I passed Leivonmäki Nationalpark. It was around lunchtime and I decided to have a stop here to have a small hike to enjoy the park and at some place to do a bbq. So I drove to the Selänpohjan Matkailukeskus, the visitor or travelcenter of Selänpohja. There I parked my car and started to hike.


I made the decision to follow the shoreline southwards until reaching Pirttiharju and from there to take the forest road back to the parking. My plan was to continue further direction Tampere after the hike and weather was not very stable. But as I knew that there will be more trips to Finland in the future, I kept the full circular trip for another visit. Anyhow the hike is very nice, not to difficult but features some nice landscape along the shoreline. There is a nice barbeque place with a lot of space.



It does not take long to have a first glimpse of the lake. Much of the marked trail follows the shoreline.


Rocks along the track keeps the landscape diverse and interesting.




The land of lakes 😉


Autumn time is mushroom time, it is amazing how many different sorts of mushrooms are to be found in the Finnish nature.


To fight my hunger I stopped at this nice bbq place with a view.


It is always good to have a shelter even though it kept dry here.


Firewood is very often provided, but you have to cut the pieces with the available saw. Excercise is always good 🙂 It is always nice to provide some firewood for the next. So if you find prepared wood, prepare some aswell!


After lunch I continued along the esker before heading back to the parking.




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