Sammallahdenmäki – World Heritage

Compared to other countries Finland is not too blessed with a big amount of sites listed as World Heritage, but those which you can find here are really special. One of them is the bronze age burial site of Sammallahdenmäki. It is located quite close to Rauma, which in fact is also a listed as world heritage for its beautiful wooden houses. If you come here to Sammallahdenmäki you can follow a path that leads you through this pretty big amount of grave hills. During my visit I was the only one and it feels very remote as the nature looks pretty original. This gives a very special atmosphere to the site. I am sure that once you are walking around there like me, also you will start to get thoughts about what kind of people have made these structures. What was their thinking about their time and furture…




Many of these structures are shaped rectangular with edges.



Signs point along the trail not to get lost or to miss something.


Here the nordic moss is growing in huge areas. I really like it, but i also know that it is very sensitive and it grows really slow if destroyed. So take care of it.



Other liches are really colorful. Sometimes I almost only had eyes for these beautiful pattern…


… but then a majestic burial hill brought me back to the real meaning of the site.




Another pattern photo to conclude the blog 🙂


Sammallahdenmäki in the net:

-> Finnish National Board of Antiquities

-> UNESCO World Heritage sites



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