Landskrona Citadel

On my way to Finland Landskrona is often one of the first places in Sweden that I try to find shelter. If weather is fine I sometimes already try to get to the Camping in Bärsebäck, but in 2013 I wanted to have a look at the citadel of Landskrona, which is beautifully seen on the townmap of this small city. It is possible to enter the citadel as it is partially a museum. For its history I recommend to have a look at wikipedia, where it is well documented. I don’t like to repeat what is easily accessible, rather want you to get some impressions by the photos I took during my short walk.IMG_0216

The whole citadel is surrounded by water as a protection against infantry. IMG_0181

To enter it, use the bridge.IMG_0186

I came across several birds of completely different temper. These guys were so friendly, while a seagull those I was an intruder into her nesting area… not so much fun. But its nature… I was the guest.IMG_0195

The building has some exhibition to look at. It is in the very heart of the citadel.IMG_0199

After leaving I took this photo which gives a quite good view on the citadel. I think it is worth to go when passing Landskrona. By the way, Landskrona is the access to the small island Ven, on which Tycho Braahe made his research in astronomy. It is high on my list of open things…IMG_0214




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