Serlachius Museum Gustaf

Planning my trip I had a look on the spotting history page to see if there is something interesting on the route. There I found a museum in Mänttä called Serlachius Museum. Have to confess I had no idea what it is about, but that is the best condition to explore. So it came on my list.

Arriving at the museum I found a big representative building which turned out to be the former head quarter of the Serlachius Paper Works, a big industrial mogul of Mäntta and even Finland. Inside the building you can admire the architecture and….



…some pretty nice paintings, but the main feature is the exhibition that showcases the life of Serlachius. I have to say that I liked it very much as it is a quite unique way of telling someones life story. You will get headphones that react on where you are located. So you go through a set of rooms that showcases the steps of life of Serlachius and how he came to Mänttä.





If you go into the upper floor of the museum you will see some art exhibiton. In one room for example old diorama sets made from paper.




In case you are in Mänttä to this museum, get your ticket for both of the Serlachius museums. The other one is on the other end of the town. It is a very big art museum and a connected mansion with the complete interior. I will present it in another blog post.




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