Finnish Airforce Museum

For quite a while I knew that close to the airport of Jyväskylä there is a museum that features the history of aviation in Finland. As most of the time I prefer to be in the nature it happend that I haven’t been in it up to my last tour through the country. This time in 2017 it was time to stop here as my route led me very close to the museum. It was time to check out the Finnish aviation history.

The museum is located in a hangar building. Outside you can see some fighter planes and radar towers, but the main exhibition is inside the hangar.



So lets go inside the hangar. I was quite suprised how many planes fit inside the building. Some words now to avoid you wondering. You will see the symbol of luck and fertility that Nazi-Germany misused in their flag, but here in the color blue. It is related to Count Eric von Rosen a Swedish explorer who donated the first plane to th Finnish airforce. The symbol used to be the symbol of the Finnish airforce from 1918 -1945. After that it was replaced by a blue circle.

Entering the museum you will be quite overwhelmed by the amount of planes.







There are not only planes, but also some helicopter and missiles.


And the museum shows how some planes were used, like the one distributing notes.


Not all planes are shown in completness. You will also find parts, like this cockpit.


And obviously not all planes in wartime returned. Quite a bunch were destroyed and crashed. The remains that were found, partly are recovered and shown in the museum.


I hope you liked to stroll through the museum with me and I recommend to stop here if you are somewhere around Jyväskylä.




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