Norrbottens Railway Museum – Open-Air

As you maybe have seen my previous post about the interior of Norrbottens Railway Museum, now I would like to show you the outer part in open air. Here plenty of wagons are stored on rails for you to explore. Normally in real world it is not possible to see them from that close, but here you can spend your time in between them. Enjoy my choice for you!

Please have a look at the official page of the museum (in Swedish).


Norrbottens Railway Museum – Roofed Exhibition

Just a few kilometers off from the center of Luleå you can visit Norrbottens Railway Museum. I came here not expecting to have found such a large museum, but it is one of the largest Railway Museums in Sweden and a must for railway enthusiasts.

Inside a huge train hall there are many interesting trains for you to look at. Many are really special trains for a very particular purpose, but there are also more modern ‘regular’ trains for transporting goods or passengers. In the following I show you some of them… enjoy 🙂

Please have a look at the official page of the museum (in Swedish).

Talvisodan Monumentti – The Winter War Monument

Along the Karelia Road and further north following the border of Finland and Russia you will find really many memorials for soldiers who died during the Second World War. The biggest memorial is the Talvisodan Monumentti (translated Winter War Monument) which commemorates the victims on both sides, Russia and Finland, that lost their lives during the Winter War between November 1939 and March 1940.

The monument consists of a huge area on which for each victim a rock was placed. It is a very quiet location and really beautiful in its setting. It gives thoughts a good chance to flow, which makes quite sad.

Lets hope there will be a time when we will never ever have a need to put up such monuments anymore anywhere in the world. Only those who talk and try to understand other people will be immune for hate and mistrust, wish many politicians would follow this…

Martimoaapa – A morning hike with unexpected follower

As I have described in my previous post I visited the beautiful mire Martimoaapa to follow a circular trail through this nature reserve. I did not make it the first evening, so the next morning after a night in the car I was ready. Weather was still far from perfect, but it can always rain here. At least no way thunder and lighting could show up, so it was safe to go.

Again I followed the trail from the trail head and soon again I reached the wide open landscape of the mire. This time it had a mystical touch from the falling rain.

I followed the trail, but this time I did not take the detour to Lake Martimo.

In the morning and relatively remote from any housing it was a very calm and ‘away’ place. A lot of silence…

… but then I heard a strange ringing. I looked back…. nothing….

I looked to the side… could here some cracking… still nothing…

But then, same direction something was moving and the noises came from there… can you see the white butt in the center?

It was Rudolph and his family on summer vacation to get energy for next Christmas season…!

I have to say, I was really fascinated. Normally I saw them a lot along the roads (actually often very dangerous), but these guys were walking with me. At some point I started to get a little nervous cause they came closer and closer and started to use the duckboards too in my direction. I had no clue if they wanted to come to me or it was coincidence that they went my direction. Anyhow it was a good timing to reach the bird watching tower as I could climb up where I felt much more safe. Reindeers are smaller than mooses, but still impressive large for a human.

From up here you have a nice view on the mire and the trail. You should definitely climb up for this view!

Well, after enjoying the view and after Rudolph disappeared I continued my hike.

A few more bends…

…then I reach back into the forest. What a different landscape!

…. with totally different species!

Well, then I arrived at the parking again and was happy that I made the decisions this way. A splendid time in Martimoaapa and the large circular hike became a big point on my list of things to do on future trips during which I pass by here. Lets see when…

Below again, the map with the parking marked. Come here for the trail head!

For further detailed information about Martimoaapa please check out the splendid pages of (former

Martimoaapa – An evening hike through a Northern swamp

Preparing my regular trips to Finland I found a nature reserve in the (for mid European view) high North of Finland just beside the end of the Baltic Sea. The nature reserve called Martimoaapa features an important and large mire landscape. A long chain of duckboards makes this
beautiful but fragile nature accessible to the visitor.

As usual in Finland also here a high standard of infrastructure assures a splendid visit. At the trail head (see on the east of the map above) that leads into the small circular trail marked in violet you will find a lean-to shelter with a fire place and firewood stored. There is another fire place in the South close to this trail.

My stay here in Martimoaapa consisted in two seperate hikes as the evening of arrival the weather looked unpleasant and it became late.
I stayed overnight in my car and continued the next day. So I started with the circular trail, southwards and made the detour to the fireplace at Martimojärvi, then returned via the shortcut in the middle of the circular trail. In a second blog entry I will tell you about the next days circular hike and the visitors (better said ‘followers’) that came to me on the way. Some holidays I hope to make the full large trail.

At the very beginning at the trail head the trail is wide and comfy to walk. Dense forest is still able to grow as the ground is dry enough for the trees.

Shortly after the forest opens up and we suddenly stand in an open landscape. We need to walk on duckboards, not only to protect the very sensitive and slow growing nature, but also not to get wet feet.

At some point it is possible to see an open water surface through the struggling trees. It is the Martimojärvi (Lake Martimo). I wanted to reach the fire place there, but already started to be a little concerned about the dark clouds.

It is always fun to see a crossing of duckboards in the absolute nowhere… This the start of the short detour from the circular trail to the fireplace at the lake.

Suddenly I could see small huts and stored boats. Some people have their boats here to go fishing on the lake. The huts are for us visitors, it is the lean-to shelter, a firewood storage and (not entirely sure) a dry toilet.

The arrival for todays hike. Weather turned darker and darker. I was not really sure if there could be a thunder and lightning which would be highly unpleasant in such an exposing environment. But I can already say it did not happen, only some rain came but I had time to do something I looked forward to …


As you can see by the emblem also this lean-to is maintained by the forest authorities who also take care for the firewood supplies. A great work of them as always!

I was surprised of the size of the lake…

Anyhow, after cleaning up it was time to go back. With the tendencies of the weather I decided here to make the shortcut and not to go all the circular trail the evening, but instead staying overnight and do it in an enjoyable pace the next day. Temperatures were not to high so I looked forward to stay at the fireplace at the trail head a little and enjoy the warmth of a fire there before sleeping.

With these thoughts I ‘said goodbye’ from the lake and started my return.

Soon the forest was in front of me again.

And looking aside it was clear that the water of the lake was reaching far almost invisible.

Back to the trail head it was time to warm up at the fire. Sitting there I suddenly heard strange noises in the forest and branches cracking. After a short while a bunch of reindeers jumped over the trail in the background. I was fascinated, and of course didn’t know that I would see them again soon.

Below you can see the embedded map of google maps. I marked the trail head with the parking. If you zoom in, you can see the duckboards and the fireplace at the lake. I think it looks fascinating from the sky!

For further detailed information about Martimoaapa please check out the splendid pages of (former

Högfors Bruk

One of Swedens youngest ruins of iron works is located in the town of Högfors, the “High Falls”. For centuries there was iron industry here in town, even from 1539 it is known. Over the years even kings of Sweden like Gustav Vasa and Charles IX of Sweden were owning parts of this works.

Nowadays the place lays in decay but belongs to the regional group of industrial heritages of Bergslagen.

You can find some picnic tables on the property and some signs tell you about the history of which I gave you already a short summary.

I have to say it is a little strange to stroll through this place.

But I hope the place remains and everything is going to remain in the current state.

Click on the symbol to open the official page of Ekomuseum Berslagen about this place. It opens on a seperate page.

See the map to find to the location of Högfors Bruk. Don’t mix it up with other places having the same name!

Engelsbergs Bruk – A Swedish World Heritage

Following my blog you maybe noticed a large bunch of interesting sites of the region Bergslagen forming the industrial heritage and heart of Swedens iron industry. It is said that here the wealth of Sweden was created which made it the modern state of today. Therefore it is clear that one of these sites must have found its way on the list of UNESCO’s World Heritages… this is Engelsbergs Bruk.

Engelsberg Ironworks
Sweden’s production of superior grades of iron made it a leader in this field in the 17th and 18th centuries. This site is the best-preserved and most complete example of this type of Swedish ironworks.


Coming here late in the season not everything was open, so check in advance, but it is a very beautiful and calm area worth to check out in any ways. Not much lets you guess that it was a busy industrial spot. Today it is a beautiful park with historical buildings.

Right at the parking you find a very beautiful map of Engelsbergs Bruk, (or Ironworks in English).

I went first to the Hyttan (on the right of the map). This is the building in which the iron was won from the ore. This building houses the furnace and maybe you have seen this kind of buildings on other blog entries I have posted. Looks a bit like a HDR photo, but it just turned out like this…

Not far from the Hyttan you will find the bruks kontoret. This is the iron work office, the place where the paper work was done. But yes it looks more like a typical Swedish holiday house in large.

The following small building which looks more like a storage is the building holding the balance.

Hidden a little bit further is the smithy (smedjan in Swedish).

There are some more large buildings of which for sure one is the manor of the owner. It is my guess as I have seen this several times on iron works in Scandinavia.

On my way back to the parking I passed this small building. Fits beautifully into this environment.

Click on the emblem of the UNESCO to open their page about Engelsbergs Bruk and on the drawn map to open the official page of the site (Swedish only). As all links in my blog they will open in a seperate window.