Vevlingestrand Camping

On my way north after having seen Stockholm, Öland and many other places it was time to push a little to get further to my destination Finland. But to be in good condition it is important to have a nice and calm place to sleep. I found Vevlingestrand Camping on the eastern outskirts of Bollnäs. As I usually travel north out of season, it was really calm and I enjoyed the location very much. With the disappearing light, not only the humans started to find their way to a rest, but also the geese came with loud trompet noises, then landed to calm down at their safe sleeping place on the water in front of the camping. At that time the geese were on their exhausting travel southwards fleeing from the harsh cold winter in Scandinavia. I love their sound and really admire them. If you are traveling in that part of Sweden, I think you will find a good place to be at Vevlingestrand Camping.












Evo Hiking Area – Staying overnight

Most of the days during my trip I do not know where I will end up staying the night. I keep it open as I don’t want to rush or staying at places that tend to be boring. So I need to be flexible. After Hämeenlinna I planned to have a look at the Evo Hiking Area. Here I had been before, but these places offer so many possibilities, that it was a pleasure to return. As it was to find a place for the night, I checked the map at the Visitor Center. A man passed by and I asked him if he knows any camping places closeby. He pointed out the large camping area, that normally is for big groups, and mentioned it is ok for the night. As it was officially closed also the toilets were closed, but for just the sleep it was ok, knowing I could come to the Visitor Center again the next morning. So I took the car for the handfull of kilometers to the camping place. It is really impressively huge. I set up my tent in a far corner close to the nearby lake, had some food and set down on a log at the sea shore for the evening. It is always a very beautiful atmosphere with the night coming in and light disappearing. As I had a long day, I went to sleep early looking forward for nice hikes here in Evo Hiking Area.

My tent set up. On the left of where the photo was taken, it is only 20 meters to the lake.


This is how the sea shore looks like. It came nicely that these logs were left here. Ideal for sitting and as table for a beer 🙂


When I arrived it was still bright day.


Had time to look at the camping area. You see it is huge. This structure is for having dinner. There are more of these.


As light started to fade, I went back to my tent and then enjoyed the lake view.




In the morning a coffee is obligatory. Also in the wild… 🙂


Now it was time to take down the tent…


What hikes I did, I will show you in the next blog entries coming soon.

And of course a big thanks again to Metsä for their great help by providing such a valuable internet page giving a lot of information for preparing your visit to Finnish nature. Click their symbol to open their Evo Hiking Area page.

Evo ra_tunnus 113x89pxl


Staying overnight at Onkimaanjärvi

On my way south towards the ferry I made a visit to Liesjärvi National Park. Here I made the decision to find a nice place in nature to stay overnight. Hotels would have been a longer drive, so the decision came to find the Laavu at the shore of Onkimaanjärvi about 15 km inside the forest. My idea was to have a nice secure place where I wouldn’t be disturbed by anyone during the night.

So after diner I first enjoyed the views of the lake shore with very beautiful colors and the perfect light conditions. Then slowly night fell and it was time to go for a sleep. Everything was already prepared. Almost asleep I suddenly heard a car. I felt it was quite creepy to hear someone coming 15 km into the nowhere at 11pm in full darkness. Well, so I waited and suddenly could hear the noise of someone coming down the trail towards the Laavu. It was a relieve to see that it was someone who had to bring his dog out for a puu. He was not too asure about the situation himself as he didnt expect someone here aswell and got a little suprised to see my car with a german numberplate. He saw the Laavu on a map some time before and was curious about it.

We talked for at least half an hour then he had to continue as the dog was bored and it was time for him. It took me some time still to calm down and then planned to sleep tight. Maybe two hours later I woke up by some very intense cracking of wood. Using my headlamp I could not see anything. I never found out if it was a deer, moose or some predator, but I am sure size was minimum a deer. Well, I decided now to light the campfire and continued my rest. I can tell I did not really sleep much that night, but it was a very intense experience that I do not want to miss.

Here some impressions…

The colors of autumn together with the perfect light and beautiful reflections.


Preparing the wash water in the morning. If I hate something then it is to wash myself with cold water.


Coffee in the morning is an essential part of my life, especially while camping.


The Laavu in case you have not seen it in the other blog post.


Let me just remind you to keep the experience of nature anywhere in the world alive for the future, so take the short time to keep everything clean after you! Even if there is something not from you, pick it up and put it where it belongs. Nature is luxury that everyone owns. Do not throw it away!

-> Official page of Liesjärvi Nationalpark


Laavu at Onkimaanjärvi

At the outskirts of Liesjärvi Nationalpark you find a Laavu located close to the shore of Onkimaanjärvi. During my tour through Finland I made a visit to Kortiniemi Farm in the heart of Liesjärvi Nationalpark and then was looking for a good place to stay overnight. I wanted to stay in a shelter the first time ever. So checking the map I found the Laavu at Onkimaanjärvi to be well reachable by car, still remote enough that no one would come at night scaring me. Well, the first was true the second not 😉 But  more in the next post.

To reach the Laavu it takes a quite long drive on a dust road and a continuation on a very stone rich forest track. It requires care not to damage the bottom of the car. Anyhow I managed to arrive. From the parking it is about 75 meters to the Laavu and 50 more to the shore.


Right at the parking you will find this small hut, it contains a dry toilet and the firewood.


It is not the high comfy toilet of a five star hotel, but it is very nice to have a toilet here at all providing a minimum of civilization in the wilderness.


The Laavu has some cooking devices for the fireplace. I prefer to take my own, but still if you don’t have any with you it is a nice thing to find them here.

As you see the typical Finnish creativity for the firewood transportation and storage can also be found here…


So after arriving I was hungry and it was time to make some food… What else could it be than yumyumm sausages…


After dinner I enjoyed the beautiful view towards the other lake side fitted in autumn colors.


My interesting night here in the Laavu you will find in the next post 🙂

-> Official page of Liesjärvi Nationalpark


Koskenselkä Mökki Village

Travelling further eastwards after a nice hike in Valkmusa NP and Repovesi NP I got tired and the evening approached. Time to find a place to stay. A very heavy rain started with some thunder. So it came handy to pass by the Koskenselkä Mökki Village. Generally I wanted to camp, but with that rain it would have been no option. No need to get my belongings wet already at the beginning of the holidays. So I waited the rain to become less and then hurried into the reception. I got a nice small cottage with lakeview and enjoyed the dry evening. As you can see, weather turned nice later and this night was the last in a Mökki for a while.





Find the webpage of the Koskenselkä Mökki Village -> here…


A night in Patvinsuo National Park

Patvinsuo National Park in the far East of Finland offers very beautiful nature scenery on different hiking routes. In the area of the nature center there is a defined enclosed area in which visitors are allowed to pitch their tent. This avoids the destruction of the very sensitive nature and still gives the visitor the feeling of being out in the wild. During my stay it was only me and a Finnish couple staying here. It was fun to stay at the fire and also to do some stargazing.

You can not bring your car to the tents, it is about 200 meters from the parking. Recommendation from me is to leave food and anything smelling like food in the car. In Patvinsuo National Park there can be bears, even though in Finland there are very little amount of bears, I had a better sleep like that. There are these trollies to bring your camping gear to the camping site.


My tent inbetween the trees and dense ground vegetation.

There is a lake not far from the campsite and close to its shore there is a huge picnic area which is part of the campsite. There you will find the fireplace with firewood and several tables with benches.


The weather was great and with the lake there were beautiful reflections.


Sun was setting and time for a nice campfire came…