Church of Old Rauma

Let me take you into the church of Old Rauma, the Church of the Holy Cross. It has some really nice decorations that are absolutely worth to be seen. About the history of the church I pass you to wikipedia (link at the bottom of the entry), so you can check the short article if you are interested.

This is the view when entering the church.


Here the pulpit, all in beautiful wooden art.


That beautiful lady is by far the most religious citizen in Rauma. She is always there when I am in town visiting the church… impressive 😉


In my opinion the most impressive are the paintings on the ceiling. I can stand there for a long time looking at this beautiful art.


The candelabra bring a nice and special light into the church.


And the window is beautiful with the sun shining onto it.


-> Raumas Church of the Holy Cross on Wikipedia



Astronomical Clock of Lund

Visiting Lund included to visit the dome, by surprise I found the huge and beautiful astronomical clock in here. I have to confess that I did not really collect information in advance so the suprise was even bigger to find this here. The dome in general is very nice and harmonic but it will be part of a different post.IMG_3532 IMG_3533 IMG_3534 IMG_3535 IMG_3536 IMG_3538gm

Wooden Church of Kerimäki

Not only if you are into sakrale architecture you will like the wooden church of Kerimäki. Also those who like record beating constructions will be happy here. The church is the largest wooden church of the world. Not a big surprise to find such a building here in the country of forests.
As common in many parts of Finland also this church has a seperate church tower. It is possible to climb it and it will give you a great perspective on this massive church.

Click here for a web presence of the Wooden Church of Kerimäki

Please do not hesitate to go inside. There is a lot to see. But of course respect the holy place.