Kurjenrahka National Park – Lunch time

An important Finnish word is ‘Tulipaikka’ 🙂 It means fire place and therefor food… I am not fishing, but bought some fish in a fish shop in Uusikaupunki. Here at the visitor center of Kurjenrahka National Park I found a good place to do something against my upcoming hunger. I decided not to do it on the fire, but to use my Trangia cooker that always travels with me to the North.


So the fireplaces served as a dry and fireprooved place for cooking.


At the time I was there, I still used petrol liquid for the heating, but I completely switched to gas now, as it is simplere to handle. Some potatoe slices on the pan 🙂


Here the fish in preparation. It was tasty and I think food tastes really good in a nice place like that.


This is the view from inside the shelter.


This is the picnic area. I was glad to have a sheltered place this time…


-> Official page of Kurjenrahka National Park Services



Kurjenrahka National Park – Lake Access

Kurjenrahka National Park is located at the Lake Savo (Savojärvi). From the visitor center it is possible to follow a trail down to the shoreline. It is very nice that this trail was made in a way that it gives also access to the lake to those people using a wheelchair. The trail is winding down in several curves until it reaches the level of the lake.


The last part is easier as it is quite flat.


But any effort is worth it as the views here are really pretty. A beauty of a lake…



-> Official webpage of Kurjenrahka National Park


Kurjenrahka National Park – Visitor Center

Kurjenrahka National Park is an important stop for cranes on their travel to and from the winter holidays that they pass in the southern and therefore warmer regions. As you can see on the photo below, they made it on the symbol of the park. These pictures were taken on my first visit to Kurjenrahka NP and I have to smile a little each time I think of the park. There are two places in Sweden and Finland that I can call the ‘uncompleted’. It is often that I havent seen all of a park by own decision and I return again, but here I had to stop due to rain twice already. It doesnt look like that on the photo taken outside, but I returned after starting to hike. But more of this in another blog entry. Here I want to show you the small visitor center of the park, which I really like. As said, the parks main feature are the cranes. In the exhibition you can learn a lot about their travel and how they live. Pretty nice for children (let me count myself to them while on holidays 🙂 ) is the large crane model. It shows how much effort is taken to make these exhibitions nice for the visitor, and they are for free!

This is the outside view of the visitor center, nice in typical Scandinavian style.


The decoration makes the place look nice, but also teaches you how cranes look like when they fly over you.


This is the crane that lives here 😉


And me on a visit.



The exhibition teaches you about the live of the cranes in the different seasons but also about the park and its nature.