Villi Pohjola – Wild Nordic

Blessed by being ‘adopted’ by my former colleagues from my expat time I regularly have the chance of visiting Finland for cottage weekends. Each time we try to find good destinations for our trips without repeating the same location. Sometimes we have the chance to rent cottages that are privately owned by clubs, but we often check at Villi Pohjola. During my Expat time they were part of the Metsähallitus Group that is the government organisation taking care of agricultural and environment issues in Finland. They are those guys that beside other things take care of our visits to Nationalparks and Hiking areas being so enjoyable. Think of providing information in the nature centers and internet, keeping tracks secure, providing firewood etc. Since a restructuring lately took place, Villi Pohjola now is part of Lomarengas, a privately owned company with core competence in rental cottages. If you go through the cottages, you will see a wide range of choice. Some are huge for 10+ persons, others small barely large enough for a family. Then some are very basic with no electricity, others fancy with a full furnished kitchen. You see it is a good source for a nice stay in Finlands nature.


-> Villi Pohjolas webpage.

-> Lomarengas webpage


Koskenselkä Mökki Village

Travelling further eastwards after a nice hike in Valkmusa NP and Repovesi NP I got tired and the evening approached. Time to find a place to stay. A very heavy rain started with some thunder. So it came handy to pass by the Koskenselkä Mökki Village. Generally I wanted to camp, but with that rain it would have been no option. No need to get my belongings wet already at the beginning of the holidays. So I waited the rain to become less and then hurried into the reception. I got a nice small cottage with lakeview and enjoyed the dry evening. As you can see, weather turned nice later and this night was the last in a Mökki for a while.





Find the webpage of the Koskenselkä Mökki Village -> here…