Möhkö Ironwork Ruins

At my stay in Petkeljärvi I saw during a look at the Visitor Center that there is some ruins and environment of a former iron works in nearby Möhkö. So after putting together my things and a beautiful hike I drove the short way to Möhkö. Here I found ruins of melting furnaces and a still in shape historic industry environment including the owners Mansion. Much is put into a museum and you can walk around to get an impression of this areas history.

Around the ruins of the furnace there is a walkway so you can check it out from all directions. Have a look at the model of the furnace which is located in the mansion.


Do not forget to have a look at the mansion. Inside the basement gives you an idea how nicely the owner of the ironworks lived and how much wealth he must have had.IMG_6831IMG_6812 IMG_6810 IMG_6809

In the second floor a part of the exhibition is dedicated to the times when Möhkö was a place of war. Here Finland faught agains Russia, who tried to overtake Finland. Much fighting took place in Möhkö and you will learn about individuals of both sides. It is sad…
IMG_6817IMG_6818In another building of the site you can see how workers lived here and the work of those who provided firewod and timber for the ironworks.IMG_6828IMG_6827 IMG_6826 IMG_6844

Walking around you will admire the beautiful location of that place. It is very calm nowadays and offers much for the eyes.IMG_6850

Inside the mansion there is a painting which shows how the area once looked like. I think it is no comparison to today…

If you want to know more about Möhkö Ironworks, please have a look at their official homepage.



Forest Museum Lusto

Finland is home to huge areas of forest. Therefore it is quite clear that a museum about that is perfectly located here. In the museum Lusto, which is run by the forest authorities (those providing a great help for you to explore the national parks), you will find exposites about many aspects of the nature in forests. But also the various ways of how humans use this part of the nature. In my opinion the museum is excellent!

Click to for the webpage of Lusto Museum    The museum is very educative. Take some time for it. Bears are common wildlife in Finland, but ist extremely rare to see one in the wilderness. It is kind of winning in a lotterie. Bear is “Karhu” in Finnish. With the Everyones Right, the people in Finland can use the fruits and mushrooms that the nature provides. Of course the Everyones Right not only grants you the access to nature but also gives everyone the duty to protect and conserve it for the future generations. I will set up a blog entry for that some day soon, cause its one of the things people can easily misinterpret. Wood has been and still is used as material in everyday life. Also this is an aspect of the museum.