Hiking in Teijon National Park

In Teijon National Park I decided to have a visit to the nature house (luontotupa) and from there to hike a little along the shores of Matildanjärvi. On the map below you can see this lake right in the middle. If you look just south of the lake you find the location of the luontotupa, but it is also linked on the bottom of this post. The hike of which I show you pictures here in this blog entry is the circular trail that circles around the word ‘luontotupa’. It is a little more than 2 km long.


This is the information center of Teijon National Park. We start to hike from here eastwards along the Matildanjärvi.


There are many nice views of the lake. Autumn weather made it a quiet and relaxing hike.


There are many of these ups and downs along the trail. I found them sometimes a little tiring (in a positive meaning) and they make the hike interesting.


I was really amazed to see that there is even infrastructure for those fishing men that want to smoke their catch right here at the lake. There are several smokers along the shore.


Roosinniemi is a small peninsula about where we have to leave the lake. You will find a bbq place and a laavu there.


Another ‘down’ along the trail.


Along the trail I found it remarkable how many different types of mushrooms are growing here in Teijon National Park. They look really nice and forms vary pretty much.


At some point we have to leave the lake and follow the trail through the forest. Also here it is remarkably nice. There are duckboards for an easier hiking.



Unfortunately the last part is on a forest path. But if you keep your eyes open…


… you can see houses made for particular kind of birds, squirrels or bats. You can see it by the different openings. Depending on their shape, they only allow specific animals to enter.


-> The official page of Teijon National Park



Nuuksio National Park

Well, it was the last full day before I had to be at the ferry in Helsinki for the long trip back to Germany. 30 hours on the ferry meant I had to hike to move my body before being ‘trapped’ on it. So I picked Nuuksio Nationalpark as it is pretty convenient to be already in Espoo, which is just outside of Helsinki. My expectations were not really high to find beautiful spots so very close to Finlands capital, but I gave it a try. I arrived in Nuuksio late in the evening and decided to stay sleeping in my car to be close by in the early morning. My ferry left in the evening, so much time to explore the park next day before leaving the country. Right with arrival I noticed that city, traffic and noise seems something far from the park. Here it was calm nice and beautiful. A great place to be. Only the density of services like benches, bbq places was much higher, the trails a little wider, a sign that the city folks come here during weekends. But for me it was really fine.

Signs showed me that there are three featured circular trails. After almost three weeks of hiking I decided to make them all that day. Time was enough. So I had a cosy sleep and the next morning prepared myself after breakfast for my hike.

As usual my first visit was to the visitor center. Here it is always very easy to find good information about the park, its nature and fauna. Also they sell nice souvenirs. As you might have noticed, there is a strange grey rat on the logo. But in fact it is the very cute little Siberian Flying Squirrel which roams in the parks environment. I didn’t know before investigating my trip that in Europe animals like that exist…. travelling educates…

Let me put my hikes in seperate blog entries, here some general images of the park…

This is the Visitor Center, go inside!


Inside you can get a lot of information.


The ranger said that this tree is the most photographed one in the whole park 🙂


Late August / September is mushroom time… also in Nuuksio National Park. Here we are in a protected area, so leave them, especially the ones on the photo. They are poisoned!


Bumble bees do their work also in Finland.


Forest with Nordic moss.


-> The official page of Nuuksio National Park


Hiking Hiidenportti Nationalpark

During my planning before my first long Finland tour, I saw images of a very rough landscape in a place called Hiidenportti. The area is one of Finlands beautiful Nationalparks and ideal for nice hiking days. The name of the park derives from the Finnish word Hiisi, a kind of devil, and Portti, which means door. According to the webpage of the Nationalparks authorities a saying says that during Christianity the devil was becoming angry from the churchbells of the villages closeby. He and his animals moved into the deep forests which is now the Hiidenportti Nationalpark. I didnt see any devil during my hike, it is rather an idyllic place in the nature.

Once you arrive, take a look at the information center. It is the wooden house on the left. Here you can read about the plants and animals in the forest. Also it is always a good idea to get some information about the different hiking options. You will find a map of the park with the different trails. The building in the back is a rentable day hut. img_7452

Before or after the hike you can have a picnic here. There is a table and fireplace available, all in a good condition.


A look onto the information boards.


My hike was the shortest option to see the gorge. Not long after the start and passing Palolampi, you will see these enormous deposits of a glacier…a huge impressive slope of rocks.


On the other side of the trail there is a small pond. Nice and unspoiled nature.img_7478

These lichen are very beautiful, I like this very light green. We say in my country that lichen show the quality of the environment. No surprise to find so much of them in Finland.


And suddenly we can see a first glimpse of the gorge, which is the gate to Hiisis new home.


There are ropes to help avoiding people to fall over the edge. It is quite high and the ground rough, so it is good to stay on the trail.


Some duckboards help to cross the uneven parts.


At some point the trail turns to the right and leads us through the gorge. As you see, the authorities wants us to stay on the trail to protect the park.


Before climbing the stairs, I recommend to take some time for the scenery. It is very beautiful here.


Once we reached the other side, we can have some last views over the gorge before we had further into the forest.


After some kilometers we reach a large park-like area. It is the ground of a former farm. The buildings are gone, but stones are left. It is amazing that people lived here so remote.


Mostly it is early autumn that I come to Finland. A good opportunity to find and photograph the many beautiful mushrooms here in the forests.


Reaching the area of Palolampi again means we are about to reach our starting point again.


Looking down on the lake before hiking the last hundreds of meters to the parking. I like the park because the landscape varies quite much.


Have a look at it in real life. I am sure you will enjoy it aswell.

-> Link to Hiidenportti Nationalparks Webpage