Verla Rock Paintings

Just hundred meters away from the Verla Groundwood and Board Mill you can have a look at an ancient rock painting from the stone age. It is located on a huge rock on the opposite side of the lake. There is a parking at the lake with an information board about the painting. The painting is six meters wide and one and a half meter high. At some parts it is hard to see but there are hunting scenes with humans and elks. The second photo is an enlargement of a part of another photo. I did not swim there…IMG_6526 IMG_6523 (2)_crop IMG_6523 IMG_6522



The Verla Groundwood and Board Mill

This blog entry is dedicated to the Verla Groundwood and Board Mill. It is one of the few places in Finland that is inscribed on UNESCOs list of World Heritage sites. Here you can visit the former production site of thick paper that was used for making boxes. The interior can only be visited on a guided tour, which is pretty interesting. Unfortunately it is not allowed to take photos inside, so you will only see the outside of the buidlings here on my blog. Anyhow I think it is quite an amazing architecture for an industrial building.

If you look at the two following photos you can see a large wooden part of the building. This was the area where the paper was dried after production.


There are several more buildings in the direct vicinity of the production. Some were storage for the ready made product, some was housing the tooling etc. Even the river closeby was used to bring the raw material wood from the surrounding forests.IMG_6515 IMG_6520


IMG_6521For details please have a look at the official page of the Verla Groundwood and Board Mill and check out the official page of the UNESCO where they explain the reason for the inscription as World Heritage site.